Life (Jeevan) is the reservoir of infinite knowledge, love, affluence, beauty and bliss that exist as seed within each of us. Science (Vigyan) is the body of knowledge that is free from all dogmas, faiths, assumptions, and superstitions. Jeevan Vigyan is the eternal and melodious flow of truthful, simple and liberating eternal knowledge. Jeevan Vigyan is a modern spiritual center which teaches the art and science of living a spiritual life through various mediation, yoga, psychology and management development programs. The basic purpose of Jeevan Vigyan is to help human beings realize their own true nature of unbounded joy and excellence thereby helping in the development of all spheres of human living.

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Leadership Module
Start Date:
Apr 08, Wednesday

Everyday 4:00pm Facebook Live

End Date:
Apr 15, Wednesday

 Everyday 4:00pm Facebook Live

Everyday 4:00pm Facebook Live

 Everyday 4:00pm…

Apr 08

Our Program

We are doing frequently these activities

Aishwarya Vigyan

Aishwarya Vigyan (3 days) - Secret keys to create and celebrate wealth and abundance in life.…

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Vyaktitwa Vigyan

Complete personality and leadership development module

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Dhyan Vigyan

Powerful meditation package for joyful and stress-free living

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Bodh Vigyan

Intensive Dhyan Method to identify own's center

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Intensive meditation and spiritual practice programs

We offer specialised and unique meditation and spiritual practice programs for advanced seekers of Truth. Within a few days of practice, participants will be able to attain the state of spiritual growth that can otherwise be attained only through years of efforts.

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“All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness ... the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives.” —Dalai Lama

The wise person challenges himself, the mediocre challenges the situation and the fool challenges others.

The result of self-discipline is complete freedom and self-mastery, the result of indiscipline is slavery and bondage.

The only way to rise high and soar in life is to get rid of self-limiting beliefs.

It is the Master's work to show you that nothing is impossible for you to attain. Only this will set you free.

Live out of imagination, not out of fear.

Extra-ordinary success is the outcome of extraordinary psychology.

Extraordinary psychology is the result of extraordinary drives and emotions.

The result of love is service; the result of service is giving.

You tap into the path of your unlimited energy of your spirit by identifying and walking on your PATH.

Creation is perfected in three steps: Vision, Mission and Action.

A complete person is "Sat-Chit-Anand" inside and "Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram" outside.

Identify yourself with the best and you will discover with a new you.

Invoke the recesses of your inner being and you will find prosperity, success and joy in life.

Creativity is tackling an old problem in a new way.

Goal realization has to equal God realization.

Meditation is the art of accessing your inner reservior of energy.

Time is like a ready field. Sow the seeds of what you want to grow in life.

You must give your best to achieve your best,

Just like anything else, wealth is the outcome of an idea and a process of creativity.

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