Beyond the Dualities of Good and Bad

L P Bhanu Sharma

[email protected]

There are apparently two directions towards which human consciousness can flow: negative and positive. A major part of the world population is still reeling under negative psychology and this has resulted in conflicts, terrorism, violence and different types of social, economic and political crimes. People who engage in conflicts or violence of any type generally think the prevailing situation has pushed them into such types of negative behavior. But, psychology points out to an important fact that a negative attitude of mind finds ways and means to create various conflicts and other types of human problems.

On the other hand, a small portion of the world population has taken strides towards positive thinking and positive living. Social organizations like Rotary Club have played very important roles in creating a situation in which people can contribute to each others’ prosperity, growth and happiness. People are slowly realizing that it is one’s own choice to remain negative or move towards a positive attitude of mind. This way, it is realized that these are two conscious choices we can make in life, and it is not necessary to confine ourselves to negative feelings and thoughts when these can be changed into something positive.

However, one very important fact that we can understand is that the majority of the human population has so far only these two trends in consciousness, the negative and the positive. But, people who have delved into the depth of human psyche and who have explored the potentials of being human point out to the fact that there is a third dimension to the human consciousness. This third dimension is called the wisdom, intelligence, or self-awareness. A mind that is either positive or negative is outward-bound whereas self-awareness is the inward-bound dimension of human growth and evolution. In a way, this is introvert consciousness and is known as meditation. A mind that is meditative is neither positive nor negative, it is beyond both. Meditation happens when one transgresses the boundaries of the mind, both good and bad, and jumps into the realm of primordial consciousness.

Hindus have for ages known that the development of human consciousness is not limited only to the positive and the negative dimensions. There is no doubt that it is good to be positive rather than being negative, but this is simply not enough. It is important to understand that real growth in human consciousness takes place when there is transformation of the mind from negative tendency towards positive state, and then finally into the meditative state. This way, a positive state is an important milestone achieved, but not the end of the journey itself. People who are positive contribute to the well-being of the entire masses, and are largely responsible to eradicate conflicts and various types of human problems. These are the ones who show hope when hopelessness is all-pervasive. But, the people who have transcended both the negative and the positive dimensions become permanently proactive, silent, peaceful and blissful beyond any comparison. Their life is governed by the realm of unbounded love, compassion and celebration. They have reached the highest potentials of human growth and have transcended the dualities of human existence.

The sages of the Vedas and the Upanishads exhort us to be conscious, aware, meditative and eternally peaceful so that we attain to the supreme state of being human. They do not say ‘be good’ as opposed to ‘being bad’. Rather, they suggest us to grow from being bad to being good and slowly enter into the realm of being silent, meditative and self-conscious. This is the highest challenge for a human being. In talk programs, seminars and meditation sessions, whenever I start talking about the third dimension of human existence, people immediately come and tell me that this is only for a few blessed ones and experiences like peace and meditation are not for the common people. Nothing can be farther away from truth than this. People who know tell us that if we continue our natural growing in consciousness, all of us will touch this climax of being human.

Dr. Wayne W Dyer in his famous book The Power of Intention describes the third dimension as full of peace, power, energy, love, kindness and knowledge. People who experience this highest state of consciousness attain to the non-dual state where all the gravitational forces lose their significance. Life becomes a joy to live, a song to sing and an eternal dance. The miseries vanish away and a permanent bliss takes over the entire being.


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