Aishwarya Vigyan


Aishwarya Vigyan (3 days) - Secret keys to create and celebrate wealth and abundance in life.

 Program Duration: Three day, morning 7:30am to evening 5:00 pm each day


Aishwarya (Prosperity, Abundance and Wealth) is the product of man’s capacity to dream, think, visualize and finally create life experiences. Deep within us are hidden the secrets to creating and celebrating wealth and abundance in life.

Aishwarya Vigyan is  an intensive three-day program designed to give you the secrets of creating and celebrating abundance. This application oriented program integrates the essence of management, psychology and spirituality to enable you to create wealth and abundance in life.

Program Benefits

·        This program helps you tailor your individual goals, career choices and create a prosperous life.

·        This program helps you prepare a ten-year action plan for your life.

·        It teaches you the art of living a positive, thoughtful and stressfree life.

·         It gives you effective work executing art and success for complete financial freedom and living balanced life.

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